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30-10-2017... Station equipment, unique Standard C5800 and Microset SR200 with old clip on cpu fan, works a treat! Antenna homebrew CQM10DX!

Current equipment, unique Standard C5800 and Microset SR200 with with old clip on cpu fan, works a treat!

Homebrew design and build - CQM10DX Low Q ten element yagi for 2M Band (144MHz) DX'ing! CQM10DX with fat chunky elements!

The Challenge

The Atlantic Ocean separates our two continents, North America and Europe. It is an inhospitable place with cold air and water coming down from the Artic. Due to this, Tropospheric propagation possibilities are very limited in the direction of North America, unlike the warm ocean paths from the EU to the South and South West.

Over the decades numerous Amateur Radio sorties have been mounted to effect a two way contact, regrettably without success! However, there have been several one way reception reports providing an element of teasing!

The purpose of this website is aimed at encouraging fellow enthusiasts to 'have a go' whilst providing relevant propagation news etc...

73, Derek Hilleard G4CQM

Latest News


E's season is well under way, several openings towards the East and North East. However, Tropo looking West/South West has been poor so far! Keeping watch...


Checked out the station today... All working ready for coming DX season... See you on the band!


Over the last few days there have been several TEP QSO's from Brazil to the Caribbean despite the decline in solar activity. Luciano PU2OAL has made several OSQ's with his 2 x Cubical Quad antennas. QRB for these contacts around 4300KM using SSB and/or FM Simplex!


Today was truly unusual... From my own location in IO70 the ED8ZAA QRP beacon was audible at very good strength for hours on end. Meanwhile high level Tropo ducting from EA8 extended well inland as far up as Mick G1EZF in IO93. Richard Mason G6HKS caught the opening from his QTH in IO92...


GK4LOH IO70jc reception at VO1FN GN37jr 3467km 144.175MHz ISS flypast ...


An historical day, DXpedition VC1T heard in UK by John Regnault G4SWX!!!...

An historical day, DXpedition VC1T heard in UK by John Regnault G4SWX!!!

Screen shot confirms the outstanding achievement of my old friend/competitor John Regnault G4SWX (JO02RF) receiving signals from VC1T (GN37OS) a QRB of 3828.5KM!!!

G4CQM's Shoutbox data from the VC1T Brendan Quest July 2014 click here!

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