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At long last new yagi has been built CQM10DX, going up very soon!...

Below set up just before Christmas at G4CQM: vintage TR-7010, Microset SR-200 linear amplifier, modified DRAE 24A PSU (courtesy GW4WND of The DXShop), G800SDX rotator and mains power at last. If you're new to Ham Radio you can get started with a very simple station!


The Challenge

The Atlantic Ocean separates our two continents, North America and Europe. It is an inhospitable place with cold air and water coming down from the Artic. Due to this, Tropospheric propagation possibilities are very limited in the direction of North America, unlike the warm ocean paths from the EU to the South and South West.

Over the decades numerous Amateur Radio sorties have been mounted to effect a two way contact, regrettably without success! However, there have been several one way reception reports providing an element of teasing!

The purpose of this website is aimed at encouraging fellow enthusiasts to 'have a go' whilst providing relevant propagation news etc...

73, Derek Hilleard G4CQM

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